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If I have a question about Unified Grocers, whom should I contact?

All questions should be directed to Customer Care, Unified’s 24-hour help desk which serves as a single point of contact for all inquiries to the company.  Representatives in Customer Care can provide you with the information you need.

Customer Care
Phone  (800) 724-7762
Fax (323) 265-2985

 Primarily, Unified serves independent grocers.  What is an “independent” grocer?

Independent grocers come in all sizes and formats — from small, neighborhood grocery stores to a large, multi-store businesses, from conventional supermarkets to price-impact stores and many other formats.  Independent grocers tend to be family-owned businesses in which the owner(s) play an active, day-to-day role in the operation of the store (or stores).  Independent retail grocers are known for offering unique products and special store services that generally are not offered by large, self-distributing supermarket chains.  Independent retail grocers also tend to be very involved and connected to the communities in which they conduct business.

Is Unified a public or privately-owned company?

Unified Grocers is a cooperative, meaning it is owned by its members — each of whom is a shareholder in the corporation.  Because Unified’s stock is not publicly-traded, the company is considered to be privately-held.  Nevertheless, Unified Grocers is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the company’s financial filings and disclosures are made available to the general public.

Do you have to be a “member” to purchase groceries from Unified?

You do not have to be a “member” or “shareholder” to purchase grocery products from Unified.  While there are a great many benefits that come with membership in the cooperative, non-shareholders may purchase products from Unified when they meet the company’s credit requirements and other considerations.

Are there products that Unified doesn’t carry?

Unified Grocers is a full-service wholesaler and has perhaps the broadest wholesale product offering in the business today — approximately 75,000 SKUs.  In situations where the Company does not carry certain products desired by retail members or customers, Unified will make every effort to add the product to its distribution centers at its earliest convenience. California law, however, prohibits Unified from distributing beer, wine or other alcohol products to retail stores.