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Meet Natural Directions — Unified’s new line of private label organic, natural products and earth-friendly products.

In a category that has grown 600% from 2003–2007, Natural Directions comes to market in direct response to growing consumer interest in the health benefits of food, and environmental care in food production.  

Certified by Quality Assurance International, the leading organic certifying agency in the United States, we carefully screen our producers and suppliers and each is required to meet or exceed rigorous quality control standards.  Our supplier partners are committed to reducing the use of pesticides and additives in the food supply and to being environmentally responsible.  They also support the humane treatment of animals in the production of food.

Natural and organic products are no longer the exclusive domain of specialty retailers.  The consumer base for these products has now expanded into all geographies, ethnicities and income levels, and is increasingly found in mainstream supermarkets.  Natural Directions is the perfect way for you to keep these profitable customers in your store.

And we're not just reaching consumers in-store, we're also sharing our love of "all things organic" at key consumer events like the Seattle Marathon where we're proud to serve as Official Organic Food Supplier.

Talk to a Unified representative to start receiving your share of this market with this exclusive line.